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An Argument Against All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

One size fits all rarely does!

But I certainly understand the draw. It seems easiest to open the box or software program, sit your child in front of it and be done, right?

However, the most successful homeschoolers I know mix and match the resources they use based on what’s best that week, month, or year for their individual kiddo. They are ready to pivot or switch out resources as needed or desired based on what’s working or not rather than forcing uninspiring curriculum on their child. Kids learn best when they’re interested!

Usually that looks like a mix of the following; in person and online classes, a parent or relative working directly with their child, reading, tutors, videos, software programs, curriculum, park days, field trips, museum visits, plus self directed learning, passion pursuits, and real life learning.

This year I’ve seen a whole lot of newly minted homeschooling families (many of whom who plan to go back once schools are Covid safe) desire to keep “on track” for the one year or so they may be out of the system. But this schooly mindset means these families are missing out big time.

My advice? Eat the cake!

Don’t reject the (unique approach to education/homeschool) cake because you won’t get cake next year. Take advantage of all that homeschooling has to offer your family; flexibility, individualized resources tailored to each kiddo, fun and engaging content, an emphasis away from grades, homework, and rote or kill and drill learning. This takes a little bit of effort on the front end to put into place, but it is worth it.

Individualized homeschooling is “the cake”…enjoy it while you can and make the most of it rather than settling for school at home. Many families experienced the drudgery of distance learning this past year and the zoom fatigue was palpable. This is NOT necessary.

I promise…the kids will still be “on track” with this approach, and if you reach out now to your local or state homeschool organization, veteran homeschoolers on social media, and/or attend a Homeschool 101 Workshop like the ones I host regularly for free, you will have all the guidance you need to live an amazing year (or beyond!) of learning that didn’t look at all like school, but still advanced your child in every way and then some because of the unique, tailored exactly to your child, relationship centered experience.

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