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Choosing to homeschool your children is a major life decision. I can walk you through California's legal requirements as well as help inspire you with all of the resources, information, and connection to other homeschoolers you will need to get started.


**Due to COVID-19, you may be exploring homeschooling unexpectedly. Additionally, SB98 and AB77 ensured that school funding will not follow the child, resulting in homeschool charters being underfunded just as hundreds of families seek homeschooling resources. In lieu of enrolling with a charter, you can establish your home as a small private school, and I can help.


I have 12 years of experience homeschooling and 10 years of experience coaching families with children in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I have frequently helped families with gifted children in California, however, my advice is applicable to any new homeschooling family or parent, no matter what state you live in. 

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There are many good reasons to homeschool. Perhaps you want the ability to choose the best curriculum for your child, or school is not a good fit. Maybe your child has endured bullying or is bored and unchallenged. Perhaps you want closer relationships with your children and want more flexibility in your schedule. Perhaps your child is an asynchronous learner and you'd like to avoid labeling and have more flexibility. Or maybe you'd just like to have learning be a joyous experience again like it was when they were younger. Any or all of these are a good reason to homeschool. 


a new way.


Studies debunk the effectiveness of too much homework. They say children need more sleep and less crowded schedules. That they need more downtime, more time to dream, and more time to experiment and play.


All of that is possible with homeschooling. Freeing your child's schedule from commuting, unnecessary homework, and busy work while increasing the fun factor and selecting individualized curriculum, classes, and a schedule that works for your family can have a tremendously positive effect on your child by changing the learning environment. 

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I have been encouraging new homeschoolers and helping them get started for over eight years. I have homeschooled for over twelve years and am very active in the San Francisco Bay Area homeschool community as an activities organizer, volunteer, and conference speaker. My specialty is uplifting parents and turning the fear of change and the unknown into relief and excitement about the possibilities and freedoms that homeschooling brings.



I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie Heston as a Homeschool Consultant.  Jamie is very knowledgeable of local homeschooling resources, groups, and classes. I frequently refer families to her for support with beginning homeschooling.

Aileen Mosig,Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist  




Jamie Heston might be THE most knowledgeable person about homeschooling that I have yet to meet, and that’s saying a lot.  She is the rare combination of eternally warm and sunny yet grounded and real, understanding, honest and open.  Jamie understands that different families and kids have different needs and is all about applying that independent learning spirit in everything she does. 

Anne L.

From the first time I met Jamie, I have been impressed with her broad knowledge of all things related to homeschool. She has really helped us gain perspective on our own expectations about what the homeschool journey is about.

Robyn C.





Jamie is an energetic and enthusiastic consultant for families that are considering homeschooling. She is quite knowledgeable about educational resources, and her superb organizational skills and spirited advocacy have helped countless families navigate their unique homeschooling journeys.


Rita G.

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