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Just about every new homeschooler feels a little lost. How do I start? How do I find other homeschoolers? What curriculum, classes, and programs should I use, if any? What if I miss something? How do I address my child's special needs? My child is gifted and I can't keep up, how do I accommodate them? What do homeschoolers do all day, and what does a typical homeschool day look like? How can I apply the advice of a homeschool parent to online or distance learning to be successful, especially if the parents are working? How do prepare my child for college?


All of this and more can be the subject of a talk or workshop.

I also perform in-service training for therapists, teachers, and providers. When evaluating what a student needs, sometimes homeschooling is the answer, but you may not be able to help the family with the information they need to move confidently forward. I can help you and your staff understand and be able to communicate what the benefits of homeschooling are and help them be prepared to guide their families regarding this educational option.

I am currently available at my hourly rate for corporate phone or video conference training for employees dealing with educating children at home during school closures. I have consulted with, Deutsche Bank, Sempra Energy, Silicon Valley Muslim Homeschoolers, and others.

Contact me to find out more and discuss your group's needs.

I've consulted with companies like...

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